India 2018








































Myanmar / Laos / Thalland book spreads 2015


Monks building at their Wat




Inle lake - floating villages and fishermen on the water




Yangon - inside the Shwedagon Pagoda




Inle lake market with traditional puppets for sale




Inle lake market - family making pancakes




Inle lake market




Inle lake - the area is renowned for its weaving industry




Bagan - Ananda temple










Streets of Yangon




Mandalay - puppet makers




Mandalay - stone carving area




Mandalay - jade market






Mandalay - monastery




Mandalay - weavers




Mandalay - girl monks




Temple ruins












Laos - Muang Ngoi village life






Luang Probang morning market




Market on the outskirts of Luang Probang








4pm drumming at the Wat








Koh Jum








Bangkok Wat - the remains of incense being burnt after worship





Laos / Cambodia / Vietnam 2011












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